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The AGF / Atlanta Health Care & Music festival is designed to bring together communities, breaks boundaries and builds new foundations, both within the Atlanta Metropolitan area and around the world. 

Each year our goal is to: 
1. Improve and promote the presence of Healthy Living and Prevention. 
2. Bring forth of diversity, in today’s ever changing world of economics and family values.
3. Promote Healthy living both spiritually and physical through education and workshops
4. Produce a variety of concerts and entertainment that bridge our community’s  is an integral part of today’s culture, and as such, has provided us the opportunity to spread a new message in Music.


The primary goal is to offer a fun time to with music , wellness and health care for those attending festivals or simply visiting the Atlanta, Georgia area we also intend to offer financial empowerment enrichment for youth and family. This event is produced and facilitated by the Leading Women’s Repertory Theatre/Lac1Productions under the direction of Dr. RIKI BROOKS whom has been the driving force behind this festival for 10 years. In addition this festival is be supported by a host of volunteer organizations in Atlanta and teams across the country.



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